Introduction: How to Count Until 1023 With Your Fingers

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On this Instructable I'll show you how to count until 1023 using only your fingers...and some binary knowledge. It's actually quite useless, unless you want to impress mates, but once you can do it, it's fun(well, sort of...) and also since it's my first Instuctable and English isn't my first language please don't be too harsh( ah well if you are I'll post a better one for a more interesting thing). Well then, let us begin.

Step 1: The Principle

Now you should wonder how it is possible to count until 1023 with your fingers since you only have ten of them. The principle is to assign a binary digit(=bit)to each finger, beginning with the one the most on the right and ending with the one the most on the left. The values of the fingers are on the picture (actually, it multiplies by 2 when you go one finger further). Then to count until 1023, you just have to combine these values. If you begin from 1, then raise the first finger, then the second,then both firdt and second, then third, then third and thirst...and that's it(at least for the principle, at first it's hard to keep the count for bigger numbers). Well, I hope this was useful(if not...whatever.It's the only thing I could think of for now).