Introduction: How to Create a Towel Elephant!

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Are you sick and tired of just a boring old bathroom? Or are you just in need of a cheap cool way to decorate?... OR rather your just really really really  bored one night and decide to play with towels?...

For this design you must have one full lenth body towel. (big towel) and one hand towel ( like a wash cloth but not really because it's bigger).

Step 1: Step 1

Lay your big towel down completely flat, fold both sides of the towel (on the shorter side) in about 6-8 inches.

Step 2: Step 2

repeat step one by folding the same folds over one more time. and then start rolling one side towards the center. When you reach the center for that side set your knees on it to keep it from releasing itself, and reach across and roll the other side.

Step 3:

Now fold the scroll you just made in half and set aside.


Step 4:

Now you will be starting on the head. Grab your hand towel, and lay it flat. On the longest side of the hand towel, in the middle you will set some kind of heavy object such as a chair as shown below.

From there you will grab each corner (at the same time) and start to roll inwards toward the center of the towel until you can't possibly roll anymore! :-)

Step 5:

Un hook your scroll from the chair (or whatever instrument you used) making sure you have a hold of it so it will not untangle it's self.

Now flip it over so that the side your looking at is smooth.

Step 6:

Now roll the pointed end under (for the trunk of the elephant).

Step 7:

Keeping the trunk you just created facing down put pressure on it using your knee. Then take the sides and start unrolling them from the inside.
This will create the ears and the forehead for our elephants! :-)

Step 8:

After un rolling the sides you can take your knee off of the trunk. Tuck in all of the extra towel you have and form your elephants face.

Step 9:

(This is just me continuing to tuck the face into shape.) After your elephants face is shaped in the desired way start to shape the ears.

You can now put the two pieces together and SHA-ZAM! you have your Elephant :-)