How to Disassemble Pallet Easy, Quick and Safe

Introduction: How to Disassemble Pallet Easy, Quick and Safe

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this in a instructable to learn a way to disarm a pallet that everyone can make a safe and quick way easy

Step 1: Starting

it is necessary to remove a pallet some the security measures:

  1. boots to protect your feet from nails, screws, staples or chips
  2. gloves to protect your hands mostly chips
  3. tools in top condition(Saw blade screwdriver and hammer)

Step 2: Cut Nails

cut nails in between the tables with the saw.

this is done to prevent breakage or damage tables.

it is also the quickest and safest way to remove a pallet.

Step 3: If the Tables Are Very Close

if the tables are very close'll have to make room with a screwdriver and a hammer pry to separate tables and to put the saw blade. Also you can be done with a wedge or something similar

needless deeply into the two tables

Step 4: Ending

to finish you have to take the pieces of screws into the wood

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    6 months ago on Step 4

    Never use the wrong tool for the job. A screwdriver? Seriously. A chisel, prybar, crowbar.. so many options.