Introduction: How to Drift in a Go Kart

this is a very in- depth instructable on how to drift in a go kart  all steps are from experience except the last one which is a video I've found that basically recaps what i said and shows drifting from a very expierienced driver.

Step 1: What Is Drifting?

Drifting is primarily used in races involving vehicles moving faster than 40 miles per hour but in this instructable I will show you how to do it in a go-kart. Drifting in a word is an artform you have to be gentle or you wont have any control. The most important thing I can tell you when your done reading this is practice, practice, practice it might be hard at first but once you got the hang of it you can pull it off left and right. Hey if it was easy then everyone could do it and then it wouldn't be fun anymore.

Step 2: Getting a Kart

The first question is do I want to drift? The answer has to be yes or else you wouldnt have clicked on this instructable so this step is to get a kart the first thing you should look for is that it goes 40+ mph that means none of those wussy lawn mower engine ones that you find at carnivals (but those are a great start to learn how to drive a cart). Next is to look at your budget find one in your price range but remember go-karting is a hobby that pays back if you get good enough so get a good kart but don't go bankrupt because you bought one first I think you should look around to find a place that you can rent for awhile on a track owned by the people you rented it from and practice on that. Once you found one in your price range you should bookmark it and ask around , find people who own the same kart and ask them about how it handles, accelerates, and the overall feel of it.

Step 3: How to Drive

When you drive a kart you want to be leaning back to give the back tires more traction and to make you a little more streamlined and you also want to be smooth with all  moves that you make this includes gas, brake, and steering. When you turn, you should lean towards the corner your turning into to give more traction to the back wheel on the corner. Confusing yes, but just do it , it works amazingly and if you do this and your competitor doesn't then it could cost him the race.

Step 4: Finnally How to Drift

I just told you how to drive , get a kart, and what drifting is now I finnaly tell you what you came here for HOW TO DRIFT. Well like I told you drifting is an art. You have to be smooth with all of the moves you do or else as you are drifting you will spin out and get disqualified. To get started , before the turn stay on the outside edge  and before you usually turn the corner you want to softly push down the brakes then release the brakes turn softly into the corner then gently push down the gas and keep your front wheels pointed in the direction you want to go and stay calm. When you are drifting you are , in a word in a state of controlled chaos but if you stay calm you wont spin out and will pass everyone but make sure you have room. You can also block people with drifting too.

Step 5: Get Out Your Popcorn It's Movie Time!

watch the movie It's a visual recap
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