Introduction: How to Drink Potato Chips (even Through a Straw)

find out how to drink chips (good for painful teeth) even possibly through a straw

particularly good if it's your first day of having braces and your mouth REALLY HURTS. like mine/

materials needed.
bag o chips
small plastic bag
(and maybe a straw)

Step 1: Get Chips

find chips, any type will do. if it's in a BIG bag then put it in a small plastic bag. if you have one of those small bags that come in packs then you won't need small plastic bags.

Step 2: Crushing Time

open the packet and crush with your hand till it's pulp.

Step 3: Drink

once it's pulpated you can drink it

(image one is not enough for a straw)
(image two is enough for a straw (hopefully))

yum no chew chips.