How to Dry You Shoes Fast

Introduction: How to Dry You Shoes Fast

hello my name is Anthony and I will teach you how to dry you shoes fast. Let me tell you how I go the idea. I wash washing clothes one day and I need to dry my shoes real quick so I can have them the next day. I put them in the washer and washed them normally. I took them out and went to go get my moms blow dyer and that's how this instrucble happened.

Step 1: Tools

The first step is your tools.
1. Shoes(wet)
2.A hair blow dryer

Step 2: How to Dry

you need to put the blow dyer in side the shoe. If its a little wet that u can let it sit for 15 minutes and rotate it every 2 minutes. If the shoes are soaked let the air dry for 30 min then start the process

Step 3: Finishing

You want to wait till the shoe is dry completely. Then after that you want to put it sun like in th e window or on the table to let it air out.

Step 4: The End :)

That how Ur day your shoes my way hope u enjoyed it thanks for looking at my instructble

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    6 years ago

    Share a good way! Try the STERYDRY, it is able to remove wet and odor causing bacteria from shoes, gloves, helmets etc.


    7 years ago

    hehe. one time i put my shoes into the microwave. but i didnt washed. i was on street and start to rain. so i put it inside microwave. they get dry but the microwave get a stinky smell cuz i didint washed my shoes first. my mom get mad for this!