Introduction: How to Edit Ipod Photos With VFX

I will teach you how to use VFX to edit photos

Step 1: First Get a Picture

You can either press the camera button and take one or select one from your camera albums.

Step 2: Get an Effect

After you have chosen a picture you can press the effect button and pick one.

Step 3: Pick a Category

There are a ton of categories with different things.

Step 4: Get the Effect

Then you chose an effect, I picked blood 

Step 5: Move It.

Move the effect by pressing and dragging. You can change the size by pinching and you can zoom in by pinching 

Step 6: RGB

You can adjust the RGB balance so it will fit your skin or something else.

Step 7: Other Things

You can also mask effects by dragging your finger over them in mask mode.

Step 8: There Are So Many Things You Can Do

There are so many things you can do.

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