Introduction: How to Fix "windows Can Not Verify the Digital Signature of This File" With Winload.exe

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my school craptop died because i deleted bootmgr files from the c drive i thought they were leftovers from a program. they were still in my recycle bin after i fixed it so i put them back where they were.
i will cover many different ways to fix it, one worked for me but i dont know which.

Step 1: Cmd Codes

so if you have a windows repair disk, boot from it and try and repair a few times.
if that doesnt work go into cmd through the disk and type these in:

bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /fixBoot
bootrec /rebuildBCD

i think there were a few more but i forgot where i found them.
try the next step if your unsure

Step 2: Copy Files

now the file is in:

and there is another one in:

now copy the one from the boot folder into system32
it should boot up, if it doesnt try the repair disk again and the commands 
now after this my computer just restarted during bootup, it was dualbooted with ubuntu, i could go into that but not win 7 because the hard drive was from my school laptop and i put it into a different computer to try and fix it, i gave up because i couldnt get it to boot so i put it back in my lappy, and waddya know, my laptop worked, but my boot screen was the windows repair one, i updated it to the original with win7boot updater see uploaded file

Step 3: Win 7 Boot Updater is the original windows 7 boot screen 
the pacman one is a pacman boot screen