How to Install Mechwarrior 2 ( Most Versions ) Easy!




Introduction: How to Install Mechwarrior 2 ( Most Versions ) Easy!

this has been one of my favorite games over the years, and after trial and error i came across this very easy way to get this game up and running with little or no issues! the only requirement is that you own a legitimate copy of Mechwarrior 2.

this method "should" install almost every version of Mechwarrior 2, including but not limited to: Mechwarrior 2, Mechwarrior 2 Titanium, and Mechwarrior 2 mercenary's, however it will not install ATI rage editions or special hardware copies, as the hardware is out of date and impossible to find.

NOTE: for reference i am running the Titanium version of the game on windows XP (2003)

Step 1: Download This File  download the first file and extract to a directory of your choosing, i extracted it to my desktop for easy access.

Step 2: Get Your Mechwarrior 2 Disk

Insert the disk into your CD drive and close.

NOTE: getting your mechwarrior 2 disk may require hours of searching though piles of games and other assorted things from 1995

Step 3: Open MechVM

when you insert your disk, a install page will open. exit out while keeping the disk inside your computer.

Step 4: Part 4

open your copy of mechVM and in this order, navigate though the files:

1: games
2: " your mechwarrior version" for titanium, the file name looked like mw2-31 stcc-tt, as for me i only had two files.
3: open your version of mechwarrior
4: look for an MS-DOS batch file, it should be one of the first files inside the game folder and may have a name like " _mw2-31stcc"
5: double click and your game shall run.

Step 5: All Done!

enjoy your mechwarrior game! CLAN WOLF FOR LIFEEE :3

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I was clan BOS

    We quit when all the hacks showed up. Sparklers that crashed the game and mechs that would take no damage. Up until then it was my favorite, that and descent.

    i still have ATI rage cards. But they don't fit the slots in the new boards.