How to Make 3 Different Kinds of Stick Bombs!

Introduction: How to Make 3 Different Kinds of Stick Bombs!

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anyone who is looking for a great prank? Stick bombs are weaving craft sticks together so when thrown on impact, they will make an exposion! It doesn't hurt much to get hit from one, and you dont have to spend to much money for this!

Step 1: Materials:

If you want to make all 3, you will need about 15 craft sticks.

Step 2: Stick Bomb #1: Star Boomerang

You will need 4 sticks for this.Get two sticks and overlap then like in the photo.

Step 3:

Add another stick and put it under and over the sticks.

Step 4:

Do it to the other side too, but in opposite order. Overlap the right stick on top of the left.Here's your star boomerang.

Step 5: Stick Bomb #2: Normal Stick Bomb

You will need 5 sticks for this. Get 3 sticks and spread them out so the behind stick pokes to the left, the middle stick pokes to the right, and the top stick stays strait up. This is an assential step.

Step 6:

Weave one stick through it, below, above , and below again. do the opposite direction for the last stick. Your nprmal stick is complete.

Step 7: Stick Bomb #3: the Window

You will need 6 sticks for this. Put 2 sticks horizontally, then place another stick on top of it, vertically.

Step 8:

Jut put a stick on the top stick.

Step 9:

Weave one stick through it, vertically. Close it with another weave. You now have your Window.

Step 10: Explanation:

When you weave the sticks together, it holds alot of kinetic energy together, so when you throw it at a wall ( or somebody ) , if one of the sticks release, the kinetic energy escapes and Causes an explosion! throw hard enough for it to explode! thanks for looking! please Favorite, comment, and follow!

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    7 years ago

    I was right about to say that when i saw your comment plunderingthe7cs


    9 years ago

    Potential. It stores potential energy which is released as kinetic energy.


    9 years ago

    oops,spelled "normal" wrong.