Introduction: How to Make Buddha Shape Pears


Buddha shape pears look really amazing to everyone who first seeing it ... let us study how to make the Buddha shape pears with a special tools , Buddha shape plastic mold .

Step 1: Buy the Buddha Shape Plastic Mold

why the pears looks like Buddha , it just did not go with nature , it was shaped as many other food or fruits , so firstly you need to get the molds which is Buddha shaped , is where you can find it . so you don't have to make one by yourself which would be very costly .

Step 2: Put Them on the Baby Pears

the molds made up of 2 shells , you can connect them with plastic pin , it is very easy with Vise ,and will be connected very tough ,make sure you do it when the baby pears are still smaller than the molds ,otherwise you would not get this done if the baby pear too big may notice some water inside of the molds , but it is ok , the mold has holes on it , so the water will get out soon .

Step 3: Harvest Season

The pears is shaping slowly along with the pears growing ,it will start with the head then the belly . when you noticed the pear is about to fully fill the mold ,then it is telling you that the harvest season is coming , the fully shaped ,cute lovely Buddha pears will come out , it is a great gift to surprise your friends and your family , think about how fantastic it would be if you can make one by yourself .. enjoy the amazing work . hope you love it ...