Introduction: How to Make Mc Donald's French Fries

This instructable will teach you how to perfect the Mc donalds french fries from scratch.

Step 1: You Will Have to Have....


1) potatoes

2) vegetable oil or sunflower oil

3) salt

4) kitchen paper towel (kitchen tissue paper)

5) water


1) knife

2) vegetable peeler

3) frying pan

Step 2: Prepare Potatoes

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and peel them with a vegetable peeler.

Step 3: Trick of Cutting Potatoes

This trick will help you to cut the potatoes so that the cuts are all even like the mc donald's french fries.

Hold the potato vertically . start by cutting it vertically from one side , just make cuts till the end so that the cut piece still hangs on to the potato.

After you have finished making single slices now hold the potato vertically and cut it perpendicular to the first cuts what you had made .

Now you will have the desired cuts still hanging on to the potato, so just remove them with a knife.

Step 4: Prepare to Cook

Put the potatoes in a vessel, add a teaspoon of salt and add water to it so that the potatoes are almost covered with water.

Step 5: Cook the Potatoes

cook the potatoes for 7 minutes on medium heat , stir occasionally so that u make sure that the potatoes dont become soft .

this process is to cook the outer starch layer of the potato so when the cooked starch is fried they add an outer crispy layer.

Step 6: Prepare the Potatoes to Fry

After 7 minutes of cooking drain the water from the vessel . be careful it will be steaming hot .

Take some paper towel (tissue paper) and spread it on a plate .

Put the cooked potatoes on the tissue paper so that the water is absorbed, you can put another layer of tissue paper on top of the potatoes.

Step 7: Prepare the Oil

Take 10 table spoons of vegetable or sunflower oil and add it to the frying pan.

heat the oil for 4 minutes on medium flame.

To check if the oil is heated or not , take a small chunk of potato and slowly drop it into the oil . if the oil is adequately heated it creates spontaneous air bubbles.

Step 8: Fry the Potatoes

Take 20-25 pieces at a time and slowly drop them in the oil all at once. fry them for 2 to 3 minutes or until they look like the mc donald's french fries.

Step 9: Take Them Out

Take a plate and spread tissue paper on it.

when the fries are done take them out of the oil and put them on the tissue paper. this will get rid off the excess oil.

Step 10: Final Touches

Once you have fried all the potatoes take them out of the tissue paper and put them on a plate , if you want sprinkle some salt on top of it and serve with tomato ketchup. you are done!

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