Introduction: How to Make a Thor Hammer

Christmas is right around the corner so I figured what better time then to make my first instructable. Thor has always been one of my favorite characters so what better to build then his hammer mjolnir!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

thick cardboard
box cutter or xacto knife
PVC pipe
hack saw
duct tape black and silver or brown (optional)

Step 2: Cutting the Cheese....... I Mean the Cardboard

first take you're cardboard and measure as big as you want. I'm not giving exact measurements to inspire you're own creativity, and because I Wanted to make my
mine based of of how it used to look in the comics and not based on the movie version.

with you're first cardboard rectangle use it to trace onto 4 other pieces of cardboard. then duct tape them together. then trace one side of the box. it should be close to a square. then cut it out and trace another square of the same size and cit it out. then place them on the sides of the hammer and duct tape them.

Step 3: The Hanldle

next cut your handle to size. make sure your handle can go through the bottom of the hammer and through the top.

next trace your handle on the bottom and top of the hammer. then slide the hammer through and duct tape it to the head of the hammer. make sure it is secure if you plan on playing with this. now wrap the black duct tape completely around the handle. then, in whatever style you want to wrap your silver duct tape (or brown) around the handle leaving some black parts showing.

Step 4: The Hammer Head

this part will require a boat-load of duct tape. wrap several layers of duct tape around your hammer head. make sure it is tightly wrapped if you want a sturdy hammer. make sure you cover all of the hammer and leave no cardboard showing.

Step 5: The Strap

now, in whatever color you choose, take a long piece of duct tape and fold it in half. the place both tips on the end of the hammer and wrap several layers of duct tape around it. make sure you wrap tightly if you plan on swingin' it around.


now you can either play with it yourself or you can let somebody else play with it. this is my second one making because I let my little cousin have one. be as safe as you are creative and have as much fun as I have. You stay classy San Diego!