Introduction: How to Make a Canvas Mask

today were making a mask from canvas

you will need

plastic canvas


i used duck tape to cover it but you don't have to


a marker

a yarn needle

Step 1: Draw Your First Designs

when drawing out your mask knowing a little measuring and sometimes paper modeling helps too

(Plenty of references around everywhere on the net.)just type it in on any search engine

draw two equal haves of the same shape

Step 2: Cutting Out the Halves

make sure there are two sides

Step 3: Making the Top of the Mask

draw a square with your marker on the canvas as you did before with your previous shapes

and cut it out

Step 4: Continuing the Top Cut Out

draw and cut another piece (TIP- sometimes following the pictures is easier for me to do for me so bear with me here)

Step 5: Start Sowing the Pieces Together

sow the pieces together  it is sort of like a cube when it's done

Step 6: Building On

when you sow the other parts on  it should be starting to take shape

Step 7: Sealing Up the Top

draw@cut out the other parts and sow them on( if you have to make small adjustments its okay I had to,look at the picture)

Step 8: Preparing for Eyes

cut out a rectangle

to sow on like so

Step 9: Building the Jaw

 cut out four squares to make a half cube that will fit to the mask

Step 10: Putting the Jaw On

when the jaw is sowed on cut a resess for the next part

Step 11: Making the Muzzle

make a box over  the area your nose will go

Step 12: Making and Putting on the Ears and Nose

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