Introduction: How to Make a Car Kit

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We all have those times when we'er caught unprepared! so why not just put a giant box of goodies in the car!?

Step 1: The Container

if your building a kit you want something that will not come apart. you could use a plastic shoe box but I recomend that you use something stronger. I used a .30-06 ammo can a .50 cal would have been better but this is what I had around.

Step 2: The Stuff

when I packed my kit I put every thing in different bags so it wouldn't all be a jummble.

here are the contence:

  1. 2 wool hats
  2. gloves
  3. ace bandage
  4. band-aids
  5. trial mix
  6. matches
  7. paracord
  8. a small fixed blade knife
  9. trash bag
  10. socks
  11. 2 fire starters(which I can show you how to make)
  12. cough drops
  13. 2 fire crackers(why not?)
  14. tabasco(also why not?)
  15. dryer lint
  16. flashlight
  17. tweezers
  18. bandana
  19. screw driver
  20. 2 AAAs
  21. Gerber paraframe
  22. New Testiment

Step 3: How to Pack It Part 1

  1. in the first bag there is trail mix,matches,dryer lint,band-aids,AAAs
  2. 2nd bag cough drops
  3. 3rd bag firs starters,tabasco,fire crackers
  4. 4th bag socks
  5. 5th bag hats,gloves,(wrapped in bandana)knife tweezers and screw driver(wrapped in bandana),trash bag,paracord
  6. paraframe and flash light loose
  7. and I forgot to picture the New Testiment

Step 4: Packing Up

first you would put in things you would need last,and things you need first on top,so:

  1. first the fire starer bag
  2. then the socks
  3. then the biggest bag
  4. and to left side of the big bag, the food bag
  5. to the right of the big bag cough drops and New Testiment
  6. then for the paraframe and light put those on top loose or tape them to the lid

Step 5: Extras

and here are some things you might need depending on your area that don't fit in the box:

folding shovel

rain coat

winter coat

sun glasses

bug spray and sun screen

boonie hat

and other thing that depend on your location and you time of year ect.

Be safe,Be stronge,and good luck out there.