Introduction: How to Make a Cheap But Effective Airsoft Grenade

this is how to make a cheap but effective airsof grenade. Small than the waterballoon grenade, egg grenade, baking soda grenade, or anything you could go buy and just as effective

Step 1: Grocery List

alright part of these you can only get at new years or the fourth of july in america.

You will need some mighty crackers/ little dinamites about 1$ for 100

also some hot glue

and of course airsoft bb's

Step 2: Starting Out

put some hot glue in a strait row down the mighty cracker
start a row of six on the mighty cracker place them quickly but as straight as possible
 your going to do three of thes rows spaced evenly apart

Step 3: Now the to Fill in the Spaces

put some hot glue in one of the empty spaces and quickly put 7 bb's in it alternating with the rows of 6 to maximize bb capacity without jeprodizing the strength of the grenade

Step 4: Last Step

now on the end without the fuse we are going to add 5 bb's to the bottom
four corners and one in the middle (like the 5 on a die)

Step 5: All Finished

now we are done. we have a very effective airsoft grenade that is very small, whill also very cheap.

to light these i recomend you carry around a bic lighter or you can use two matches tapped to the fuse and a quick strike lighter

remeber that these may not be legal to use in your city limits since, they are infact firework

have fun