Introduction: How to Make a Dart That Will Stick Into the Wall

this instructable will teach you how to make a dart that will stick into the wall. this is an easy project that anyone could make.

Step 1: Materials


-a roll of tape
-some string or other thin rope
-a nut
and a colored pencil also a tack (optional:a Popsicle stick)

Step 2:

using the scissors cut off the top of the pencil until you have a nice flat even surface

Step 3:

slide the nut about a centimeter and a half down the top of the pencil and tape tightly

Step 4:

then tape a tack to the top of the pencil, make it really tight

Step 5:

wrap all the string around the tack and pencil so it is even tighter

Step 6:

OPTIONAL: break a popcicle stick and tape it to the top so it is even tighter

Step 7:

cut out the shape you want for your wings cut out four of the same shape. tape them to the end of the pencil, you are now ready to throw.

Step 8:

it sticks easily into the wall. the dart in the second picture is one without the Popsicle stick