Introduction: How to Make a Fast Sled Out of Household Items

this instructable is about how to make a fast sled with simple items and in only 10 steps. this is great if you broke yours and all stores are out. I made this after my sleds couldn't handle my ramp after about 100 times and broke.

Step 1: Materials

materials needed
1 black garbage bag
1 thick box
duct tape
colored duct tape (optional)
tools needed
exact-o knife

Step 2: Open Up Your Box

If your box is closed on one side then open it up. it should look like the picture above ( you don't need to cut it round, i started with it that way).

Step 3: Fold the Box

take your exact-o knife and cut the sides of the box (shorter sides) about half way through and of as close as the middle as possible. cut off the flaps on the sides with the scissors or exact-o knife. shove in on the sides that you have cut and push down on it.

Step 4: Tape It Together

1. pick which side will be the front
2. fold up the top flap in the front and tape it down
3. take the bottom flap in the front and pull it up to a 45 degree angle and tape it down so it will stay that way ( it needs to be able to handle a big hit).
4. tape the sides down tight

Step 5: Cut the Bag

Lay the bag on the ground and cut the sides and it should look like the picture above

Step 6: Fold the Bag Over the Back

put the sled on the bag (the middle of the bag should come right up to the tip of the sled). Fold the bag over the back of the sled and tape it down.

Step 7: Fold the Bag in the Sides

stuff the bag in the pockets and tape it down.

Step 8: Fold the Bag Over the Sled

fold the bag over the sled and tape it to the sides. You can cut the skirt or keep it on (i cut mine off)

Step 9: Tighten Up the Bottom

stretch out the bag on the bottom and tape it so it will stay (i did a bad job).

Step 10: Finalize

use the colored duct tape and decorate (optional). test out your sled and HAVE FUN!
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