Introduction: How to Make a Griefer Trap in Minecraft Pe

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if you ever have the problem of griefers covering your world in lava? i came up with the best solution for that. now you can pay them back with this!

Step 1: World

put the world on creative mode. now put an attractive title for the victims. "griefers only," "building map," or "building contest" would lure griefers on your game.

Step 2: Spawn

when you spawn in your world, dont move. just dig down 1 block from where you spawned and replace it with a different block. this is where your prey will spawn. here's where we build our trap.

Step 3: Towers

build a diamond shape tower that is 3 blocks high. then surround them with more blocks, like in the illustration. it should look kind of like a snowflake. then spawn 10 cows in each of the holes exept the center. replace the spawn block with a noisy block like dirt and close the cieling.

Step 4: Multiplayer

you need the app multiplayer for minecraft pe, its for 2.99 on the appstore. if you dont have money, you can still play with local multiplayer. but i will demonstrate with multiplayer for minecraft pe.

Step 5: Server

tap on the join server button and make your own server for it.

Step 6:

begin the server, go to the world, and wait for them! when they spawn in the hole, due to the cow heads sticking inside, it pushes the player. and with the power of 4 cow vibrating machines, the player will just spam in the hole. the victim can't escape because with all the pushing and shoving of the cows, it will be moving too fast to mine out. and it cant kill them either, because there will be too many to slay. all they can do is fly and stand.