Introduction: How to Make a Knex Pistol. AMAZING!!

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This gun is simple to make but it works pretty good. Here is what it will look like when it is done.
 The second pic shows how to hold the gun.  

                       HOPE YOU LIKE IT  !!  !!

Step 1: The Handle

This is how the handle is made.

Pic1:These are the two sides of the handle
Pic2:This is another picture without the flash on
Pic3:This is the trigger piece later I'll show the part you put your finger on :o
Pic4:this is a sky view of the trigger Sorry it is blurry :( the rod is a white piece
Pic5:It just says Connect like so .
Pic6:This is the trigger peice and the handle put together there are two orange connectors going across I forgot to add them at first :(
Pic7: sky view  There is a blue rod between the two red peices with 2 spacers connect that to the blue connector just under the white rod
Pic8:this shows the way it is attached to the handle :D
Pic9:This shows the piece with the 2 orange connectors on it   :-)

Step 2: The Stopper

This is the peice to hold the firing rod back.
Pic1:This is what the pin or stopper looks like small huh
Pic2:This is the piece showing the gray and blue peices connected
Pic3: this shows where the pin is attached on the trigger

Step 3: The Barrel :)

This is the main part don't forget it  : !
Pic1:This is what the barrel looks like
Pic2:This is the front of it
Pic3:This is the bottom of the barrel
Pic4:another sign
Pic5:Barrel connected to the handle
Pic6:the stopper in between two yellow connectors don't connect it
Pic7: top view with the stopper in it
Pic8:This is the rod that will be the main tool to make this gun fire

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

This is the end of how to make the gun
Pic1:This means get 3rubber bands or less depending how strong they are it shouldn't be very strong
Pic2:This picture is showing how the bands go through the hole in the gray connector wrap around and onto the orange connector
Pic3:another view of how to do this
Pic4:this is a white rod on the handle for a place to put your finger to pull the trigger
Pic5: this shows rubber bands tied together to form a larger rubberband
Pic6: this shows that you stick da rubberband trough da hole on da rod
Pic7:Put da rod into da barel and attach da ruberbandz
Pic8:This shows where da rubberbands end up Ta Da
Pic9:Anada veiw
Pic10:Ta Da we are done with da pistol Let's Parrrta!!

Step 5: You're Done :) :) 'o'

You're done hope you have fun playing with it.