Introduction: How to Make a Lightbulb Christmas Tree Ornamant

in this instructable i will show you how to make a quick easy handmade decoration from an old light bulb
It is Eco-friendly and a nice holiday gesture

This is my first instructable

Step 1: Materials

What you will need is

2 colors of spray paint (Krylon is preferred)
An old light-bulb
Duct tape
A knife or exacto
A hacksaw

Step 2: Open the Lightbulb

First you need to open your lightbulb, i used a hacksaw for this but if you have something more delicate feel free to use it

Step 3: Get a Strip of Duct Tape

get a strip of duct tape and draw some circles on it

Step 4: Cut Out the Circles of Tape

Cut out the circles with a knife or exacto and place them on a ledge, like in the picture

Step 5: Place Tape on Bulb

put the circles where ever you want them on the lightbulb, these will be where the secondary color shows up so place them accordingly.

Step 6: First Layer

Take the primary paint and paint over all of the bulb including where we taped over it.
Wait until it dries to peel the tape off , to insure that you wont smear paint
(i did not do this and you can see the results)

Step 7: Second Layer

now remove the tape and take your second color of paint and spray inside the bulb.
You can twirl it to get any leftover mixture thoroughly coded on the inside

Step 8: Hanging It

bend a paper clip into a double hook like shown in the picture

Step 9: Tape It Into the Bulb

duct tape it into the bulb or use got glue if you have any on hand

Step 10: Hang Up

Now you can hang it up for all to see
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