Introduction: How to Make a Longbow String

you will need
a sharp tool
string to start off u need 2inchs longer in string then your bow

Step 1: Cutting the String

cut the string 2inches longer then your bow like i did.

Step 2: Tieijng the String

tie the string in to a knot to hold it tight

Step 3: Puting in Vice

now put the knot u just tied in to the vice tight

Step 4: Puting in the Drill

put the end of other side of the string in to the drill and tighten then spin the drill to twist in this form.

Step 5: String

now your string should me tight like this but not to tight or it will curl up when you take it out of the vice.

Step 6: Tie the Knot

take it out of vice and drill and tie the side in the drill like you did the one in the vice

Step 7: Tie the Loop

now tie in to a loop that will fit your bow snugly but not tight

Step 8: You Are Done

now you are done if this does break just add 1 more strand and it will hold up to 1-60 draw lbs