Introduction: Make a Motor Easy

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today i am going to show how to make a motor very easily.for this you may not need more than ordinary things.its easy and great for scientific classes and experiments.

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Step 1: Things Needed

the things you will need are given below:
1)copper wire roll
2)aa battery
3)two paper clip
7)a rubber band

Step 2:

take the paper clips and straighten them.then trim their insulation off.and then bend it and make a loop at the end

Step 3: Making the Coil for the Motor

now take a roll of copper wire.Leaving some extra wire on the end  start coilling the wire around  any round thing.Coil the wire 20 times and leave some extra space at the end again.

Step 4: Step 4: Making the Coil for the Motor Part 2

make a knot around the coil with the extra wire on each side. You may even use tape to hold them together

Step 5: Making the Coil for Motor Part 3

Now with scissors fully remove the insulation of one end of wire.some things are hard to exress through words .so better see the hand drawn on the end remove half of insulation of the wire cillyndrically.

Step 6: Setting It All Up!

now take the two paper clips and with rubber band or tape secure them on the two sides of battery. now enter the coil ends into the loops of paper clips. now put a magnet under the coil.give the coil a push and it will start to spin!

i dont know english much as it is not my mother tongue language.and so if any mistake help me find it.give some more ideas.feel free to ask questions.i will try to answer them as much as possible for me.bye!have a nice day

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