How to Make a Ninja Sword(ninjutao)

Introduction: How to Make a Ninja Sword(ninjutao)

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today i came up with an idea to make a ninja sword after watching deadliest the way it was awesome.Any way when i saw the ninjutao i said(thought) hey that looks pretty easy to make.Well it looks cool dosent it, kitty approval is also a really good way to find any bad spots.(or if the cat just dosent wanna be circumsised)by the way this is my first insructable so give lots of criteria.(o and camisado your on a lot of instructables comments so and ive noticed you like to fight so dont go b******g on my instructable.)

Step 1:

wood (lots of it)
a jar grip
scrap wood or a wood brace
wood glue
staples and staple gun (or just the wood glue but you're gonna need a clamp)
vice is preffered
optional:spray paint

Step 2:

take your piece of wood and cut a piece abot the length of both of your hands plus two -three inches(pic 1).take the piece of wood and cut a grove in it big enough to fit 1 hand in it(.Preffered:bandsaw)pic 2).Then put the grip aroung it and staple with the staple gun (Pic 3)plus cut a 45 angle on the TOP!

Step 3:

get your big piece of wood and cut off however long you want your blade to be.mines about 2 and half feet long but however your opinion fits.(pic 1)
Cut one end of the blade at a 45 degree angle or at least so it matches up with the handle.(Pic 2)
file down any sharp edges on the ENDS.(Pic 3)

Step 4:

now glue together and staple slash tack in the two pieces of scrap wood on the SIDES and paint is optional.
Next let the glue dry then saw the TOP of the BLADE at a 45 degree angle(Pic 1) and voila(pic 2,3,4)See you next time on weekly ninja.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I hate to burst your bubble, but you didn't make a ninjato, you made a bokken. Ninjato are made from metal, and they're straight (farmerboy ninja would never have had the money to have a blade forged using the hard and soft steel method that gives katana their distinctive curve).

    One last bit of creative advice: wrap your handle in leather strips or even hockey tape, the jar-opening mat is a bit cheesy.


    Reply 6 years ago

    The curve of the katana is not from having a multi-steel composition, but the quenching process. You can get a curve with a mono-steel blade just as well as with a multi-steel blade.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ok sorry about getting the name wrong but thanks for the leather idea

    Dakota Joel98

    I would recommend a Traditional wrapped handle for a nice touch or a textured thick duct tape; also try to round the edges of the bladed side with sand paper, sander, or a file. Otherwise great job!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty decent bokken (wooden sword in Japanese, used for training) but I would thicken the handle some so it won't break.

    Thats pretty cool. I once bought a really good, sturdy wooden training sword from a flea market, it was only $8 and totally worth it.