Introduction: How to Make a Paper Action Figure

A paper action figure like this could complete my wrestling toys

Step 1: You Need

Toothpicks or Broomsticks
Glue or cellotape
The picture of the action figure(not nessecary if you're drawing).

Step 2:

Draw your figure on a piece of paper. Not nessecary if you have a picture. Make sure you sketch and seperate the body parts.

Step 3:

Color it and after coluring, erase the pencil part leaving only the color part, as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

cut it out and tape it together

Step 5: Finishing

Cut off the parts you want to move.

Step 6: The Figure.

Now, put your broomstick or toothpick in the body and the part you want to move.
Make it as perfect and faultless as you can. If it keeps falling out before you put the hand or the leg, wrap it with selotape(picture 2) Put it together and check if it moves. pic 3

Step 7: