How to Make a Personalized Homepage With Shortcuts.




Introduction: How to Make a Personalized Homepage With Shortcuts.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a page with html  without
making a website and use it as your homepage with  shortcuts to your favorite
websites, to make your web browsing more convenient .The pic
above is the finished product but it's a simple example of it. 

for this project you will need:

the list below and this small writing was made using html

  • a computer

  • a text editor

  • a web browser

  • a basic understanding of html

  • internet access

Step 1: Get Your Pics

First you'll need to get some pics to use as icons,so just go
to google images and get the ones you need and save them 
in a new file on your pc.

Step 2: Html

since the instructables edit thing recognises html it would
execute the code on this page so I will have to show you
the code as a picture.

in the first picture it show you the basic code you need and 
obviously you put your website url where it says yourwebsite 
and you put your picture name where it says yourpic
Make sure to type the write file extension for the pic.

In the second pic it shows the code used to make the 
example page shown in the first step.
And remember if you don't align them to different places
they'll bunch up together in a row.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now save the document as a html file by typing its extension as
.html as shown in the pic above. Make sure to save it in the same
file as the pictures.
Then double click on the file you've just created
to bring it up in your browser when its up you can set it as your
homepage,so when you open up your browser you can click on
one of the icons instead of having to search for the site or find it
in your favorites.

Step 4: All Done

Now your done you can now enjoy a slightly faster way of navigating the internet.

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Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

No, I think the can be in nearly any format you want (jpeg,bitmap,etc) as long as
you change the file extension in the html code.


9 years ago on Introduction

Wow. This is quick awesome and incredibly useful to make. This is also the first time I have used HTML. Good job.