Introduction: How to Make a Popsicle Stick Bow

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In this tutorial i will be building an elastic band bow. Its fairly simple and i tried to use mostly household materials and office supplies. in the next tutorial (i will attach the link when its up) i will expand on this and turn it into a crossbow then eventually a remote control crossbow, turret type thing (pictures attached). You can also watch the video for this tutorial at this link

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Step 1: Making Notches

To start of you will first need to cut a notch into 2 different Popsicle sticks. These notches will be where the elastic band will rest. to cut this i used an exacto knife and sawed back and forth.

Step 2: Making the Body

Next get a new Popsicle stick and push a thumbtack through each end as seen. to make sure the Popsicle stick doesn't split twist the thumbtack back and forth so its more of a drilling motion then splitting motion.

Step 3: Rotating Arms

Now take the two Popsicle sticks with notches and push the thumbtacks through them so that they rotate about the thumbtacks.

Step 4: Attaching the String

next punch another thumbtack through the rotating arms. This will serve as a point to tie the string around. Now tie a string from one end of the bow to the other

Step 5: Adding the Elastic Band

To finish it off add an elastic band in the notches. this will give the bow its elasticity and contain energy when the bow is pulled back