Introduction: How to Make a Scottish Great Kilt

The first thing you will need to do is get some wool tartan cloth it doesn't really matter what tartan you get seeing as it wasn't until the 18 hundreds that the tartans to different clans were really formed like it is today.Then when you have your tartan lay it out in a large flat area ,and then measure the length across your legs and this measurement will be your front apron.Next pleat the cloth till you get near the end and leave enough for the other apron.

materials: wool tartan cloth, leather belt,leather sting or metal brooch

Step 1: Prepareing for the Belt

This next step is easy just measure from just above your knee to your belly button this will be where you put the belt at. Then i like to mark this by push in the material right there.

Step 2: Putting the Belt in Under the Kilt

This is the step where you slip under the belt at the measurement from the last step. Just gently slide it under and smooth any messed up pleats.

Step 3: Putting on the Kilt

Now lay down on the tartan with the edge of the pleats at the back of your knees, and pull over the right apron then the left and smooth everything out.

Step 4: The Kilt On

Then fasten you belt and stand up the top part will fall over the bottom you can pull that up and if you want to adjust the pleats while looking in a mirror so there all at on level.

Step 5: What to Do With the Top Part of the Kilt?

Anything! but the easiest in my opinion is to take the corner of the under apron above the belt and tuck it in and take the fold from that and put it over the back of  your left shoulder and do the same with the other one but put over the front.

Step 6: Putting the Pices Togeather

finnaly you can tie the corners together with a leather string or you can use a metal brooch