How to Make a Simple Brake Light

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Brake Light

this is my first project that I am publishing on instructables .
this project is very simple and I think many would have made this.This is my sample project so I started with a simple one. wait for my new new projects like rc ,with sensors,workshop,tech etc.

Step 1: Things Required

two wires(of length you needed)
LED's (1,2or3)
insulation tape or flower tape
circuit board
plastic glass

Step 2: Assembling

take your LED's and solder it to the PCB ,also solder a small wire for positive and negative terminal of led

Step 3: Connecting Battery

in this photo you can see the battery at the back of led which is a mobile battery.
now connect the positive terminal of led to the positive terminal of battery(which is a short wire that you had solder to PCB.take a new wire which should be the length from mulguard to break pad of cycle and connect it to the negative terminal of battery .also take another wire which is of same size and connect it to the negative terminal of LED lights .

Step 4: Connecting to Break Pad

after doing it you can get a two free wires . when it is connect each other the LED glow's. stick two wires at two end's of break pad in such a way that both wire touches when we put break handle.

Step 5: Fixing Your LED's With Battery

put the LED' s with battery in a plastic glass to prevent rusting from rain . and tie the plastic glass with flower tape or insulation tape ( you can see two wires coming from the plastic glass). also tie it to the back of carrier.

Step 6: Your Brake Light Is Ready

I use simple technique to make it and this is my sample project. Wait for my new projects next week , the rc operator .sorry about the capital letters after full stop.

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