Introduction: How to Make a Simple Iron Man Hand Repulsor

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For this project u will need simple tools and parts
check my other instructables and the latest one is how to make a spud gun

Step 1: Things U Will Need

5-blue leds
1-bottle cap 
pcb board 
card board

hot glue gun and stick
soldering wire and rod 
mini drill or any sharp pointy thing to make holes
wire stripper 
nose tip plier

Step 2: Making the Leds Circuit

the leds should be solder in parallel as shown in the diagram

Step 3: Drilling and Placing the Circuit

drill two holes for the leds it depends on u where your leds poles come next solder the poles with wire and a switch

Step 4: Holder

in this one band will be used to hold ur  battery  and other for ur hand repulsor
u will need velcro for this ,make sure that the rough part of the velcro must be shorter than the other one 
now to stick it one side of the velcro should be on the opposite side of the other velcro 
see in the diagram
2-making the band for your palm -
cut a cardboard which is smaller than your palm 
next glue the velcro on the sides of the remember u should place the velcro the same as u placed in the previous one and the length of the velcro must hands breadth  size .
at the center of the card board place the the bottle cap.

Step 5: TESTING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets see how it looks in dark

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