How to Make a Soda Can Lamp




Introduction: How to Make a Soda Can Lamp

im from mexico, im a student and i like to do and fix think,all the moment.allways im found and thi…

 hiii good days for all
 i Brose mi first instructable
its a lamp with a soda can an ther is easy and economic
i dont speak english so i ask for apology for the mistakes that have

Step 1: Tools

for this lamp we need:

  1. 3/4 mdf wood
  2. lamp holder
  3. Lamp
  4. wire
  5. screwdriver
  6. rule
  7. pen
  8. screws
  9. jigsaw (you can use a saw)
  10. drill
  11. thin, shape wire

Step 2: Make the Lamp Base

firs you need to measure a square 10cm x 10cm in mdf wood 

after measuring the square cut with a jig saw . taking care not to cut your fingers

and will remain a square

Step 3: Sand Corners and Edges

if you want you can sand the corners and edges 

to hold the sandpaper i used another block of wood an i was so sure that stay smooth.

Step 4: Bolt the Lampholder

to center the lampholder i measure where the center was and then i bold the lamp holder to wood with a 1 inches screws

Step 5: Make Make Holes for the Wire

i use a drill with a drill bit for drill a hole for pass the power cord from one side towards the center 

 make a hole too side of laamp holder  to half  the thickness of the wood
and other hole along the edge of the wood to find the other hole

place the power cord into the hole until it comes out the center and conect the power cord to lampholder.

!!!!!!! and finish the lamp base¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Step 6: Prepare the Soda Can

for make a soda can you need a thin, sharp wire and a knife for cut the bottom of the can.

in my case i had already cut the bottom and had punctured the can

to pierce the can I follow the design of the brand refresh was also gave shape

Step 7:

and all you need to make is glue stick with the can to the base and connect the power cord to power source.
if you want you can put a switch in power cord

!!!!! and  finish the  can lamp¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Step 8: Thanks

thanks for see me first instructable

this instructable is dedicated to my parents Susana and Francisco :)

i hope you liked :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Esa no es una "soda can" es una lata de cheve. Tengo un montón de esas, aunque las prefiero no light, ando buscando algún uso qué darles. Para decoración me parece buena tu idea, haré una. Saluuuud!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    claro son latas de cheve aunque esto se puede hacer con cualquier tipo de latas (cerveza, refesco, jugo etc... )

    ademas de que se ve genial con las nuevas latas de cocacola con nombres :)

    Saluuuuddd !!!!!!


    8 years ago

    Good job on your first instructable!


    Reply 8 years ago

    hi number7special
    thanks for watching an thamks for you coment :)
    i want tu share more instructables