Introduction: How to Make a Spear!!! :2)


(also sorry for any spelling mistakes or punctuation I am only 13 years old) 

So you want to make a spear but you don't know how to. This is the instructable for you!!!
This spear is easy to make and can be lethal! (so don't be dumb and start throwing it at people or living things)

To make this spear you will need:

-A strong and light stick.
-A tent pole or a screw driver head.
-A sharp knife.
-Gorilla glue or super glue or epoxy resin.
-small drill or a thing to make a small hole (a hand powered conker driller.) 
-Hack saw.
-Metal file or rough stone
-Varnish (optional)

Once you have all of them then you are ready to get started!!!  

Step 1: Choose a Good Stick

-Step 1

Now if you are going to make a spear you will have to have a good stick. You should choose one about shoulder height, as straight as possible, thick enough to not brake but thin enough to be thrown and flex slightly if it hits a tree or something hard and with as little knots as possible (to create a more aerodynamic shape and not to weaken the stick).  

Step 2: Round of the Top.


Now that you have your stick to get started all you have to do is round off the top so that when you put your spike in it it wont fray when used. First cut shallow near the top (pic 1) Then cut more into the grain as you get closer to the end creating a half circle on the top of the stick. (pic 2)

Step 3: Make the Spear Head!!!

-step 3

Now you will need a tent peg or a screwdriver head. Part 1 will be for doing this with a tent peg and part two will be for if you are doing this with a screwdriver.

Part 1. 
Get your tent peg and start to sharpen it on a metal file or a wet stone. You want it slightly sharper than a needle. When you have done that then you should use a hack saw to cut it about 7 cm away from the point.then you could make 4 more to go on the sides or you could just have the one. 

Part 2.
Now you will be using a screwdriver. It can be flat head or Philips. Either will do. If you are using Philips just sharpen it against a wet stone or a metal file. It should be slightly sharper than a needle or a pin.
If you are using a flat head screwdriver first you must first just get rid of the flat head bit by sharpening it into a point on both sides then you have to sharpen the top bits to get it to look good and sharp.
Please look at the pictures for help if you don't understand

Step 4: Drill the Hole!!!

- Step 4.

Now you have your spear heads you need to attach them to the stick. First you need to drill a hole about 2 cm in and just wide enough for the spear head to slot in and out.

Step 5: Super Glue.

-Step 5.

after you have drilled your hole you need to fill it with super glue. This will stop the pointy head from falling out or moving about. Then you should leave it to dry and if you are using the other 4 spear heads then you should super glue them to the sides like in the picture 2 one by one. Then you should secure them with some string and cover the string in super glue and leave it to dry.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Now you are done !!!
If you want to make it look cool like the one in the title step then please view my next instructabel that will be out soon!!!
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