Introduction: How to Make a Survival Bow and Arrow

this bow is much easier to make and use than a regular bow. if you are stranded in the jungle, this is how u will get your food. bamboo works well also if you can get some. and PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT

Step 1: Materials

1 axe/chopper thing
2 paracord or rope
3 four 0.5 inch straight sticks/bamboo
4 kite string( i will explain later)
5 and a partridge in a pair tree

Step 2: Woodworks

take your sticks (no taller than you are) and arange them so they alternate thicker ends (see picture)

see, easy

Step 3: Knotting It Together

you can skip this step if you use twist ties but you wont have those in the wild and paracord gives a nicer look

I came up with these combination of knots

put them on the ends, near the handle, and in-between. (see pic)

to tie the knot:
1 start with a clove hitch (see pic)
2 flip over and tie a shoestring knot/ simple knot
3 flip over and tie a shoestring knot/ simple knot
4 flip over and tie a simple knot with a extra twist and then another simple knot

Step 4: Making the String

i use it because it is
will not stretch over time(i think)
has a ring to it when the arrow flies

take your kite string and tie a loop on the end by
splicing it(see pics)

or doing a slip knot from:

the string should be 4 in shorter than the bow
so tie another slip knot on the other end of the string

Step 5: The Arrow(s)

take a smaller stick and whittle the tip into a point
whittle the other end with a small notch

take a sheet of paper and roll it into a cone,staple, cut the tip and the end so it looks a good size
slide stick into it so it to the end
staple to stick

tie thread above staple

i stiched a handle on mine from this video

Step 6: The Finale

i do not know why most people have a final step but im using mine to show you how to sting the bow...... just slip 1 of the loops over 2 of the bundled sticks on top

and bend the bow until the string nocks over 2 of the top sticks