Introduction: Usb Led

 i was messing with some leds the other day when i found that it would be brilliant to not worry about wasting the batteries using a led so i made this

Step 1: Things You Will Need

soldering iron

820 ohm resistor(grey,red,brown)
usb lead(male)

Step 2: Cut Em Short

 cut the led and resistor legs short. make sure you know which is positive and negative on the led!

Step 3: Solder

 solder the resistor to the positive leg of the led.

Step 4: Kill the Usbted

 cut and slice and get frustrated with the usb until it comes open then strip the black and red wires and cut the others off.

Step 5: Solder 2f the Led

 solder the resistor to the red and the negative of the led to the black.

Step 6: Wrappin'

wrap the whole thing in tape apart from part of the usb and the led

Step 7: All Done

 plug in and bing! zap! pretty light