How to Make a Vampire Costume for Children

Introduction: How to Make a Vampire Costume for Children

i have never sewn anything (well except for button) or make any clothes before, this is my first time and it turns out quite well. so for anyone who want to try but never sewn anything before, don't worry. you just have to take the first leap and everything will flow along. have fun.

Step 1: Preperation

things that you will need:
-pin needle
-sewing needle
-sewing machine (sewing by hand is possible but it will be much harder and need more time)
-black thread
-red thread
-black cloth
-red cloth
-hard cloth (a type of cloth that will allow the collar to stand up straight)
-button (as unique as possible)
-snap button
-white long-sleeved shirt
-black trousers

Step 2: Imagination

the first thing you have to do is to measure the child's measurement.
-the circumference of the waist, neck(give an additional space so that the kid won't be chocked to death), and shoulder

then you have to think about how the costume will looked like. I've drawn mine(look at the picture).

Step 3: Paper Pattern (vest)

we will make the vest first then the cape.
the next step is to make a model of the vest from news papers. you have to be extra careful because it can be ripped easily.
use pare glue to stick to news paper together.

don't forget to test it on the child and make sure it is not to loose or tight.

after you make sure the size,break the paper vest into 3 pieces and put the cutted newspaper on top of the black cloth, trace the line and cut it.

Step 4:

after cutting all three pieces fold all the side around 5 millimeter / 0.5 centimeter so the pieces of cloth will be more neat.

turn the pieces of cloth and assemble all 3 pieces and sew it with a sewing machine.

don't for get to put buttons and make button holes.

Step 5:

now we are going to make the cape - (minus/without the collar).
cut the size of the cape that you want to make on a news paper and test it on the child. make sure that the cape is in the right length because it the child can accidentally step on it and fell down if it is too long. after that pin the paper on a black cloth and cut the cloth.

then pin the black cutted cloth to the red one and cut the red one
put the red and black cloth together and sew it.

Step 6:

draw your collar on a sheet of newspaper and make a pattern on a black cloth and cut it.
do the same thing on the red cloth and put the lack and red cloth together and sew it, but don't sew the lower end.

cut the hard cloth in the shape of the collar. put the hard cloth inside the collar from the lower side.

then sew the lower side.

Step 7:

measure the length of the lower side of the collar and match it with one of the side of the cape which are going to be attached to the collar.

fold the cape and pin it(see the pictures). then sew it in that position.

attach the collar to the cape and sew it.

Step 8:

don't forget to sew the snap button on certain places of the cape and the vest.

Step 9:

now we are going to make a jabot. it is like a tie in the olden days(i think...)
you can start by cutting cloth in a rectangular shape as the base. then measure the width and cut another cloth with the length 3 times the width of the base. then sew them in a wavy style onto the base. then sew a long ribbon on the other side.
(if you are confused with my explanation, press here. you will get a clearer explanation)

Step 10:

then put those that you have sewn on a child then they will looked like a cute vampire.
have fun...

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    That is so cute! I think I love the little ruffly tie the best! Did you really use the old push peddle sewing machine?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    well, the table is design for peddling, but my grandma had put a motor on it, so i just had to step on the peddle attached to the motor and the machine will move.