Introduction: How to Make an RPG on Paper

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this video game on paper is a game where you use your is a fighting game.

Step 1: Supplies

you will need,
1 composition notebook,
a pen,
your imagination,

Step 2: Your Characters Page

you need to draw your character now. make your character have 5, make up 2 kinds of explosives. each explosive will have 3 of itself. now, add a pet. this pet will take over in battle when you call it give your pet 2 weapons and 1 draw a vihicle. this vihicle will make you run away during battle or attack your you have to make a list of everything you have. you have to list your vihicles, powers, weapons, magic, defences, items, pets, and your ending blow when you win a battle.thi is your characters page. oh, and 1 more thing, make your character have about 500-$1000 to spend at the store. also, on your page, if you have a gun, make space where you will find out how many bullets you have.

Step 3: The Games Store

now to make your store. now make all the catagories. the catagories are weapons, defences, magic, some powers,pets, vihicles,ending blows, and items(the items can heal you when your out of use your imagination. make up your own weapons and stuff.also, you have to sign your name when you first use the store or you cant use it.

Step 4: Battles, Health, and Magic

you will start out with 10 HP(health power) and 20 MP(magic power). you will start out with 3 magic spells. you should make heal one of them. the rest is your choice.whenever you win a battle you get $500 and the loser wins $50 and a healing item. when your in a battle, draw a line in the middle of the page. now make your side and your enemies line(one of your friends)and draw your character on your side and your friend will draw his/hers. now draw your line of health and magic power. whenever you get hit, color in 2 spaces of it and do the same with your magic. use it, and color in 2 spaces.

Step 5: The Name

now make up a name for the game. mine was the battle brawlers. I made this game up 2 years if you want to make up more things for the game let me know because i will post it on here and post your name to give you credit.