Introduction: How to Make a Youtube Video and Post It

  1. go to camera and switch the devices camera to video
  2. figure out what your gonna film
  3. get ready and start filming
  4. once your done its time to put it up on youtube
  5. on my phone there is usally a "share" button in the upper right corner
  6. click it and then scroll throw your options of sharing
  7. once you find youtube for one of the options click it
  8. this would send you to a wierd looking screen
  9. but first before you upload it you have to enter a title for your video (it will show you where to enter it)
  10. then it will ask for a description and a any seporated links that would go in your desription
  11. after your done with those stuff make sure you look through all of the things that you type because if it is misspelled then your just gonna get oicked on in the comments
  12. after everything is looked through and correct you can upload it in the upper right conner there will be an arrow facing it and then it would have to upload
  13. but for the people who are inpatient it does take awhile for it to upload because it has to technicaly download
  14. and there you go oh ya also you have to have a youtube channle if not go on youtube and click the youtubes menu button in the upper left coner then it will say sighn in or sighn up
  15. i hope you guys have great success