Introduction: How to Make Almost Any Small Tool in 5 Minutes

This instructable will show you how to make small tools like custom screwdrivers, awls, chisels and more. The materials you'll need are a knife, a large framing nail, a hammer and some wood. You'll also need a bench grinder and a metalworking vice or anvil.

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

Use the knife to whittle the wood to a sort of round shape that is comfortable to hold. Use sandpaper to smooth it if it's very rough. Try to avoid knotty wood. Then go to the band saw and cut the wood to length. It should stick out about a half inch when you hold it in your hand.

Step 2: Add the Nail

take the nail and hammer it in about an inch into the end of the wooden handle.

Step 3: Cut the Nail

Go to the grinder and use the corner of the wheel to grind into the nail about an inch and 1/2 from the handle. Then use the hammer and the vice/anvil to snap the nail.

Step 4: Grind and Shape the Point

then hammer and grind the point of the nail into the shape you want. you can hammer the point to make it thin and flat. once you have the shape you want, sharpen tho point.

Step 5: Possobilities

the following photos are some tools i made.

 they are, in order of the photos:

1.triangle screwdriver
2.pry bar
4.flathead screwdriver
5. round end scraper