Introduction: How to Make an Analog Tv Transmiter

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This is a sleek, portable analog TV transmitter for the house, small office or if you are on the go when it comes to vacations and travel. able to transmit up to 50-100 feet to that old, dusty TV and bunny ear antenna, you have everything you need to watch your favorite movie or show. It is even able to be hooked up to cable or satellite. before we get started, make sure of all local and federal laws! in some areas, this is illegal. and make sure if it is legal that you are not cutting in on other channels that are being broadcast in your range, weather digital or analog. this is a warning!!! if it is legal, lets get started.

Step 1:

First to work we need the essentials. Here is a list of the bare basics. 1 UHF/VHF/FM AMPLIFIER, 1 RF MODULATOR, 1 DIRECT CONNECT ANTENNA, I got mine off a portable TV. 1 SET OF RCA CABLES. 1 coaxial cable.

Step 2:

Here is some other items that give you convenience and portability. Old hard shell case from VCR camera. duck tape. cardboard. 1 power strip. pick n' pack foam, mine came with the case. 1 compact DvD player. remote optional. portable TV antenna. electric tape.

Step 3:

Now time to assemble! 1. Take camera case and tape power strip in the back. Now take UHF/VHF/FM amp and tape to RF amp. my amps were older models and more of a box shape. Take the coax cable and screw one end to output of RF modulator and the other end to input on UHF amp and RCA cables to back of the RF Modulator. Take amps and cardboard and set the amps in a place in the camera case. take cardboard and cut out a piece to hold the amps in. once in place tape the edge of the cardboard to case. hook up other end a RCA cables to DvD player and plug every thing up to the power strip.

Step 4:

final step. screw direct connect antenna to the output of the UHF amp and fold down to close case. stuff pieces of foam around every thing to keep the electronics from bumping around.put your remote and portable antenna, as well as the power cord in a covenient location and your ready to go!

Step 5:

please note, every item that I used in this Instructable came from different sources such as eBay, thrift stores and some of the cables I found in the trash. If you want to build one, you may have to be a little bit flexable if you are on a tight budget. But don't worry, if you take your time, you can build it. From start to finish I made this in about 1 month. Thanks for reading. See you later