Introduction: How to Make and Action Sport Video

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ok, you want to edit or film your action sport video dont you here are som dot points to keep your viewers interested.
i made a quick demo of a good action sport video for example i will be using rally driving.
- ok lets first say that you dont want the people getting bored.
- make sure the images is always moving and something is always happening 
- you know slide shows are boring make sure it have plenty of loud noise and fast cars
- having things block the veiw of the comera is the plain irritating for the viewer.
- make it build up to the best part and hint at the awesomeness about to come.
- then with an epic movement let the last video blur into your best seen about 3 quarters the way through
- they need the rush that they are there watching the rally or even better driving a car
- so well placed cameras inside and outside the car are awesome.
- not to much writing it will get boring...
- you need some epic music dubstep or what ever suits
- upload it to youtube and make some good tags to get some cool veiws.
watch these videos for ideas on some epic rally action.

that one ^^ you can see is quickly made i just made it as an example, it was only made in about 20 mins but you can see what it really lacks in.

see ^^ this is just a slide show, cool if you like cars but not cool if your into epic fast action seeking sports.
you can see that this one ^^ was made by pros, nice intro some cool music in the back and being commentated properly. i know you probably arent any super epic editor but it is good to try your best on making your movie pretty awesome the whole way through but not over the top boring.
thanks for viewing !!