Introduction: How to Make My Pneumatic Gun

In this instructable i will show you how to make a gun that i have made from my own plans and have been modifying for a long time. This one is a small caliber (10 mm) high preasure (3-4 bar) type.

Bear in mind this is my first instructable but feel free to pick at the design and constructively comment;-)

i take no responsibility for any cats/humans you kill with this!

(i will upload a video of it being fired soon!)

most of the parts specified can be found at screwfix direct, but you may want to buy the preasure guage off ebay or somewhare like that because i payed about £25 for mine!
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Step 1: Firstly, How to Use Compression Fit Plumbing...

see the pictures

Step 2: Assembly Step One: Make the Barrel

firstly get your 10mm pipe and firmly attach it to the 15 to 10 mm adapter then attach about 5cm of 15mm pipe to the other end of the adapter. then attach this to the ball valve so that you pull the lever away from the end of the barrel to open.

Step 3: Assembly Step 2

attach about 8cm of 15mm pipe to the middle of the tee then add about 12cm on one of the sides and about 5-6cm on the other.

Step 4: Assembly Step 3, the Compression Chamber

(sorry that it was already assembled, i couldnt get the darn thing apart!)

Step 5: Put All the Main Bits Together!

add the compression tank to the bottom of the tee and the barrel to the largest pipe on the tee so that the handle faces UP.



Step 7: Attach the Preassure Guage

simply push it onto the open peice of pipe that is left as far as it will go.

Step 8: Pump It Up!

use a bike pump that has the quick release kind of valve to keep all the air in, pump it up to about 3 or 4 bar. (with the valve shut obviously!)

Step 9: Ready? Aim, FIRE!

shove the end of the barrel a couple of cms into a potato and push it down the 10mm part of the barrel and no further.
you may want to do this before pumping it up so you keep more of the air in.

make sure you pull the ball vave very quickly, and all the way (after aiming it at the neigbors cat!)