Introduction: How to Make Scratch Add Numbers

hello! i will be showing you how to add numbers in scratch. it is very simple, but if you want to use a self-created block, youve come to the right place!

Step 1: The Coding We Will Use

we wil use three variables. we will use a self-created block. we will use a "when flag clicked" block. we will use an adding operator block. we will use a "when space key pressed" block too.

Step 2: Make the Start

first, make three variables named addend1, addened2, and sum. make them all sprited. next, make a custom block called addup. then, attach a "repeat __ times" to the "define addup". next, put the adding operator in the 10 spot of the repeat. put the addend variables in the circles.

Step 3: Start the Sliders!

click the addend variables 4 times each fast.

Step 4: Show the Answer!

in the repeat, put in a "change sum by 1" block. on another chain, put the "when space key pressed" block, and after it, place a "set sum to 0" block.on another chain, put a "when flag clicked", and put addup at the end.

Step 5: Save!

be sure to save your work!