Introduction: How to Make Sport Insoles for Your Shoes

these are great for runing joging cycling parkour and anything you want good suport from your shoes for and its realy comfortable
and enviro freindly recycling yay

Step 1: The Materials

you will need

1pair of scisors /sharp lnife (hoby knife)
1 pair of jogers/sk8 shoes etc
a marker of some kind
an old sleeping mat or wetsute (or other soft thick material

Step 2: Geting Started

take the old insoles out of the shoe

place them on a peice of bedrole/wetsut material and trace around them

Step 3: Cut Out the New Insole

take a pair of sharp scisors or a sharp knife and cut along the outer edge of the line

then trim as necesary

Step 4: Finishing

place new soles inside shoe and if the old ones are still good put them in on top