Introduction: How to Make Your Own Website

this is a text to help you make a website.

my website has this logo and the address is

Step 1: Step 1: Find a Web Maker

Finding a web maker can be tricky .

I used webs its a great site to make your own website

Step 2: Step 2: Make a User Acount

There will be a login/sign up free click on the sign up free button.

then there will be a

email: password:

title: site type:

Fill those in

Step 3: Choose a Theme

choose a theme of your chose

the one's with star's you have to buy

one's you've chosen a theme

click on make your website button

Step 4: Step 4: Choose a Domain

there will be 2 box's click on second one its free

then below it type your website's name blow

then click on the select a package

Step 5: Step 5: Select a Package

click on the first option which says £0

Step 6: Step 6: Make Your Own Website

there will be a site builder tutorial watch it.

when you've watched there will be a modules drag one to your website and an other and an other until you've finished

Step 7: Step 7: Made It

when you've made it click on the publish button

there will be a game to make sure your not a robot

when you've completed the game your site will be published

if you put a logo next to you're title then you've got a logo mine looks like this

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