Introduction: How to Make Your Software a Taskbar Menu Using Wamp

In this tutorial I will show you how to give your software a personalized taskbar menu wamp.

Step 1: Downloading Wamp

I am going to show you how to download wamp for those who have never heard of it or do not have it.
Go to the following lik below a click start experimenting with wamp server wich will take you to the area to download.

select any version you want to download as long as it is stable.
download it then proceed to step two. <--- link

Step 2: Fixing Wamp

Ok now go to the place you installed wamp.
lets first edit the bar icon.
Right click on it and select edit.
Edit it to your desire than save and exit.
Next edit images_on  only edit the w icons.
Save and exit once done.

Now that the images are done lets open that wampmanager config file.
1. change the about header on line 12 to the name of your software .
2.change the messages on lines 31,32,33 to your software's name.
3.on line 62 you can edit the caption it will say on the side of your software's menu.
4.delete lines 95,96,97
5.the hard step:
go to line 285.  do what it says below:
* on line 287 change powered by alter way to your companies name or your softwares name.
*delete lines 295-304
*delete line 288.
*line 289 looks like:
Type: item; Caption: "phpMyAdmin"; Action: run; FileName: "C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe"; Parameters: "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/"; Glyph: 5
change C:\windows\explorer to the directory your software will install to if left at default settings make sure it has your executable at the name of you executable software with .exe or it will not work
*delete lines 294-290
*underneath line 288 paste Type: item; Caption: ""; Action: shellexecute; FileName: "";  underneath it as many times as their are letters and spaces in your softwares name.
save and exit.

Step 3: Test It Out.

start wamp up and the icon should appear in the taskbar.
click on it and it should display a menu with your software on it.