How to Mod the Xbox 360 Ring of Light

Introduction: How to Mod the Xbox 360 Ring of Light

THIS WILL NOT REQUIRE REMOVING THE ORIGINAL LEDS. This is a really simple way of turning the ring of light (rol) on the front of your beloved xbox 360. This is a instructable that is very simple that will turn ether two or all four of your ROL LEDs to red.So lets get started

***Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage that may be caused to your property or self from following the instructions in this tutorial. Soldering irons can be very hot and cause burns, as well as possibly break your Xbox 360. Opening your xbox 360's shell will void its warranty. ***

Step 1:

gather up your tools. For this mod you will need
-soldering iron/gun
-torx 8 bit

Step 2: Take the Xbox 360 Apart

You need to take apart the xbox that you are going to mod.I'm not going to show you how there are plenty of other excellent guides out there to doing so

Step 3:

once the xbox is apart look on the front of the metal case for the wireless receiver. It should be pluged in to the front and held in with screws.this is where you will need to use the torx-8 bit on the screws

Step 4: Solder

once the wirless card is removed find a way to hold it steady while you solder.take your soldering iron and some solder and fuse the two contacts together.if you want the top two to turn red then (when the xbox is laying down) you solder the two contacts on the D2 LED
if you want all four then solder D1 and D2 this way

note the contacts you want to solder are the one closest one to the top and the middle one

Step 5: All Done

Just wait for the solder to cool then plug the wirless card back into the front and plug in and turn on the xbox just to test. if the lights are red then your done just finish putting every thing back together and invite some friends over the blow their minds.

Final note: i'm not sure what would happen if you fused all three joints together. it might make the LEDs go yellow but it might also just blow out the LEDs. if anyone is brave enough to do this then feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to mod the lights so they're default red, then have a bunch of friends over, turn the Xbox on and they'll be like "Dude it red ringed!" and I'll just be like "lol".


    10 years ago on Step 5

    It wouldn't do anything the other point is the ground you solder it to the ground the led will just go out