Introduction: How to Mod Your Xbox Controller to Light Up With LEDS When It Vibrates

this is my first instructable on how to mod your xbox controller.

i hope you enjoy!

NOTE:i already did the mod to my controller then i did the tutorial so some steps and their pictures are a little shaky but i think its good enough.

Step 1: Materials

this is what you need:

soldering iron
(not pictured) drill
any color LED
xbox controller
(optional) electric tape

Step 2: Taking Apart Your Controller

with your screwdriver your going to take out the screws on the back of the controller

there looks like their are 6 screws but their is a hidden screw underneath the sticker on the back.

Step 3: Desolder the Vibrator

connect your soldering iron and let it heat up for a while.

then desolder the vibrator.

NOTE:if your looking at it like the picture below then desolder the LEFT side.

Step 4: Solder the LED Onto the Wires

ok so now your going to take your LED and now going to solder it onto the vibrators wires.

the longer side of LED is the positive and the red wire is positive.

so now solder the longer end onto the red wire and the other side onto the black wire.

NOTE: for some reason i cant add notes
and ignore the battery in the backround.

Step 5: Cover It Up (optional)

this is an optional step****

now cover your soldering job and a little bit of the led wire with electric tape so that they dont touch.

and if they touch then it wont work because the positive is touching the negative.

BUT this can step can be avoided by just keeping them spread apart.

Step 6: Drill the Hole

now you just get your drill and drill a hole anywhere in the controller (just make sure the LED will make it to the hole)

Step 7: Put Everything Back Together

now make sure the controller LED works first by just plugging it into the xbox and playing some game that will make the controller vibrate like (halo 2)

when your controller works then you put everything back together. but first put your LED into the hole then put the controller body on and then once everything is fine and their are no openings then you screw the screws back in.

Step 8: Now Your Done!!!

now enjoy your new lighted controller and when your playing a game and the controller vibrates the LED will light up!!

enjoy your new controller!!!!!

also i am going to make another tutorial like this but with another LED on the other vibrator so stick around for it!!