How to Paint a Computer Case

Introduction: How to Paint a Computer Case

Have you ever been board with your computer case? Have you ever wanted a new case but you don't have the money? do you have old computer cases, spray paint and some painters tape? YEZ! (I ment to put the z)

Step 1: Funny Things First.

I have found the EXACT. computer and color sceme on the case in a half life 2 episode. I thought that was funny cause the computer I took the case from was custom built.

Step 2: Sand Down Then Degrease

use a high grid sand paper. sand the case down then use windex and clean it. THIS IS ESENTIAL. if you don't do it the paint won't stick and there will be dust in the paint.
this is also a good time to tape off headers and big holes inside the case. also dust off the metal while your at it.

Step 3: Paint the First Layer or Color

I used regular left over spray paint to do the yellow.
also I don't have pictures from that step. here is the paint curing.
paint going side to side even coats and start off the object then paint on the stop off the object.

Step 4: Modify Small Pieces

before you paint small pieces decide if you want to modify a piece. I did. I wanted to take the front usb and audio modual from the old case for usb 2.
here is two pictures of the final product and you can see my dad using the drill press and a dremel and an exacto knife to cut the holes.

Step 5: Tape Er Up

Simply tape the design on your case. use a sharp blade and use a good amount of tape.

Step 6: Paint the Last Coat

paint side to side up and dow remembering to start off and end off the object. if you have diagonal stripes like I do make sue to go up th e for maximum coverage.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

after very CARFULY pulling off the tape look at it. does it deserve a new life now. I SAY YES.

Step 8: Let It Cure Off a Rug the Your Done

I set mine on boxes then let it cure over night. then the next day I was done. I then built in it and it looked better with different color power buttons and my moddification. LOOKS GREAT.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing your great looking computer!