Introduction: How to Raise Up Your Laptop Using K'nex Rubber Tyres to Improve Air Circulation Underneath

hey there guys here is a quick step by step guide on how to improve air circulation on a laptop by simply raising it higher off the desk using  four k'nex tyres this is a very useful trick as i use this method myself and rather pleased with the result it can also provide a better grip to a wooden surface such as a desk so no worries for any sliding movement so i hope this trick can help you aswell

Step 1: Require Four K'nex Rubber Tyres

you will need four of these (inner plastic wheel optional may not be needed)

Step 2: Require a Laptop

require a laptop as needed ( mine is hp pavilion g6 )

Step 3: Place Rubber K'nex Tyres Under Laptop

place each k'nex rubber tyre in each corner underneath your laptop as shown in the picture 

and that is how you raise the laptop up

hope you enjoyed this step by step guide

thanks for visiting