Introduction: How to Recycle Old Lisense Plates Into a Usable Hoe for Gardening,digging,ECT.

most people have a lisense plate or two laying around weather it be from a previous vehihcle or just expired one you cant use anymore in this instuctable i will be showing you how to recycle them into a useful tool for whatever you need it for it will fit into a backpack or realy anywhere and the best part is being able to use recycled materials to make it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

your going to need to make a hoe head out of lisense plate just make a shape simmilar to what i did 
nails just litle tiny trim nails
some 1x2 mine came from my house when we remodeled
optional:copper wire and pliers/wire strippers (not pictured

Step 2:

for this step all you need to do is pit the head on the end of the 1x2 then nail i reccomend leaving anbout a 1/4 inch hanging off the top of the handle then fold that down and fold the sides down and bend corners over i put a nail in each side and about 8 in the top